Maximus Vineyard Management was started on the principle of growing premium quality grapes with modern viticulture practice suited to the local Okanagan terroir. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the grape-growing industry and are proud of the final product we deliver to our clients.


Maximus Vineyard Management has been a dedicated contributor to BC Wine Grape Council’s Education Sub-committee, which has been working hard to establish a new certificate and associate degree program for the BC Viticulture Industry. The goal being to provide a local but widely recognized educational program here in BC that will ultimately benefit the industry in the long term through higher education.

We have been part of the grape industry for 12 plus years working in both New Zealand and Canada. Currently based out of  Summerland, we offer our local knowledge of the Okanagan terroir and international viticulture experience to vineyards and private estates throughout the southern Okanagan Valley.


Our name is based on our dog, Max, who loves to run around the vineyards scaring the life out of rodents and birds. He takes as much pride in his scaring tactics as we do in ensuring we deliver the highest quality in vineyard management services.